Immersion Coolers

Immersion coolers series E

Immersion cooling systems from the model row E in the power range from 1,8 kW up to 80 kW

The high-capacity air or water cooled immersion cooling systems from the model row E in the power range from 1,8 kW up to 80 kW (smaller or larger power ranges on request) not only increases the productivity but also reduces your production costs. Excess heat is discharged from the system by the integrated compressor. Immersion coolers have various devices and extremely high efficiency.

Quality and power characteristics:

  • Stable construction with easy detachable facing plates
  • Service-friendly construction of all devices
  • Weather-proof lacquering
  • Environmental-friendly and energy-conservation compactness
  • Every device passes an achievement test in the plant
  • Model according to the current regulation
  • High-efficient depreciable and noiseless compressor
  • Customer-specific condensator-evaporator
  • Complete cooling circuit mounted at the factory with all necessary cooling and security devices and complete oil and refrigerant filling (CFC-free)
  • Cold water circuit with large tank, water circulating pump, water inflow possibility and all connecting pipes
  • Complete electric switch board with all necessary control facilities, complete wired temperature controller

For any special models such as, for instance, special voltages, frequencies, winter control, variable capacity adjustment, water filters… and many other adjustments, please ask our team.

Type E standard equipment

  • Submersible part made from high-quality stainless steel frame
  • Base plate made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Pipe coil evaporator made from stainless steel
  • Pipe coil mounting made from PE or stainless steel
  • Cabinet, protection class at least IP 54
  • All standard systems approved for up to 42° C ambient temperature
  • The most modern compressor technology with efficient and low-noise scroll compressors
  • Condenser with copper pipes and pressed-on aluminium lamellae
  • Temperature control via digital thermostat with temperature hysteresis +/– 1.0 K
  • TÜV-tested high and low pressure limiter in the cooling circuit
  • Environmentally-friendly and CFC-free coolant
  • CE-compliant / ISO 9001 / EN 60204
  • Air vacuum filter
  • Flat evaporator for low medium level

Type E options

  • DC control voltage
  • Piping for better heat exchange
  • Winter starting device
  • Collective fault message
  • Potential-free fault message
  • Special voltages
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Medium temperature max +40°C
  • Wire marking
  • Harting plug or other connector
  • Coolant R 134 a
  • Temperature hysteresis from +/–0.3 K
  • System able to be switched off by temperature alarm
  • Special piping for highly viscous oils
  • Ambient temperature >45°C
  • Differential control
  • Water-cooled condensers
  • Radial fan for external air compression
  • UL-/CSA-compliant
  • IP 65
  • Special immersion dimensions
  • Labels in multiple languages
  • Remote monitoring via internet