The energysaving large series glycolers of the GLY series in the power range of approx. 5 kW to 15,000 KW

The glycol cooling model row of DELTATHERM® is characterized by an extremely economical and reliable operating as well as by a long lifespan. The glycol cooling program has a number of coolers with closed and open circuits. Standard glycoler from hot-dipped sheet steel with weatherproof lacquering. The stainless steel casing is optional. The heat exchanger consists of copper pipes with pressed aluminum discs for a high-efficient heat transfer (special iron/stainless steel models are optional).

A special high-capacity radial- or axial ventilators serve for low noise. Optional obtainable sound absorbers reduce the noise level to the minimum. Für weitere Fragen steht Ihnen unser Team jederzeit zu Verfügung.

Glycol cooling systems of DELTATHERM® serve to remove excess heat from production equipment and are components of turn-key supplied central cooling device that is provided by the processor control. Water conditioning and water treatment are also the tasks of DELTATHERM®'s engineers.

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Dry coolers

Dry coolers from DELTATHERM® are used where there is no water available for wet cooling.

In a dry cooler, a heat exchanger is used to dissipate excess energy to the ambient air. These are generally equipped with fans to optimize cooling capacity.



DELTATHERM® heat exchangers from the glycol product line

Industrial dry cooling from DELTATHERM®