Compact Coolers LT

Series LT

Compact cooling units and cooling systems for low capacities

This model series was developed on the basis of comprehensive research and many years of practical experience by DELTATHERM® and further improved upon. Through a series of measures cooling capacity, efficiency and operational reliability were further improved and in this way a trend-setting cold water heat exchanger generation was designed. The DELTATHERM® industrial cooling systems of the LT series consist of the following components: cold water circuit, water circuit and electrical technology, completely fitted in one housing. The cooling of the circulation medium (normally water, optionally also antifreeze, oil or deionised water) is carried out by a heat exchanger, which is known as the evaporator.

The DELTATHERM® industrial coolers, which are ready for connection and have been tested by our in-house performance testing equipment are already completely equipped in the basic version. For customer-specific requirements a comprehensive option package is available, with which we are able to fulfil all of our customers' technically feasible wishes.

The functional principle

The cooling circuit

The cold fluid circuit mainly consists of a compressor, an air-cooled condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. In accordance with the process requirements, also radial condensers (for the air duct connection), split condensers (outer/inner unit) and a water-cooled condenser version are available. We only use CFC-free coolants such as e. g. R134a and R407C. All cooling components are made by renowned brand manufacturers and guarantee reliability, long service life and global availability. The entire cold fluid circuit is designed for the optimal and most economic function of the industrial cooler and corresponds to the most recent Standards of the CE directive and of DIN EN 378.

The electronics circuit

The entire electronics circuit is designed for the optimal function of the industrial cooler and corresponds to the most recent Standards of the CE directive and of DIN EN 60204. In all models of the LT series, precise temperature control is carried out by a microprocessor-controlled digital temperature controller. All LT industrial coolers are suitable for indoor installation and can optionally also be installed outside.

The water circuit

The components of the water circuit are made as standard from stainless material and completely fitted in the stable industrial housing. The water tank is made from very stable and water-neutral plastic with tank cover (stainless steel tank as an option). The hydraulic decoupling of the water circuit from the cooling circuit ensures endless areas of application in industry. The complete water circuit is fitted in the device with a circulation pump, pump manometer, pump overflow valve for pump protection, complete pipework as well as a diffusion-proof and highly efficient insulation. The water circuit (piping, evaporator and pumps) is designed for a defined flow and pressure. Different pumps are available for special requests (more pressure and/or higher ow volume). Circulation media other than water (e.g. oil) are, of course, also feasible. The design as a through-flow cooler (without tank, possibly without pump) is also feasible.

Short specification of the standard equipment

  • Compact device tested by us in-house, in test run lasting several hour
  • Compact industrial housing for indoor installation
  • Painted in RAL 7012
  • Air-cooled condenser with copper pipes and aluminium lamellae, extremely efficient
  • Axial fan, extremely low-noise and maintenance-free, with contact protection
  • CFC-free coolant
  • Hermetic compressor, 100% suction gas-cooled
  • Evaporator as a plate heat exchanger or pipe coil heat exchanger
  • Thermostatic expansion valve for optimum coolant injection
  • High and low-pressure pressure switch
  • Water circuit with tank, pump, pump bypass valve
  • Water lling via tank
  • Water circuit piping made from stainless material (iron-free)
  • Water tank made from plastic, heat-insulated
  • Pumps made from bronze or stainless steel
  • Digital controller with target and actual value display
  • Switching and control elements completely wired
  • Automatic power adjustment
  • CE-compliant
  • efrigeration technology designed according to DIN EN 378, part 2
  • Electronics designed according to DIN EN 60204
  • RoHS and REACH-compliant

Available options

  • Outdoor installation
  • Air filer mat
  • Air filter mat monitoring
  • Radial fans
  • Split design
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Continuously variable speed regulation of the fans
  • Low-noise design
  • Overflow valve
  • Fixed bypass
  • Wire marking
  • Heavy-duty connector (e.g. Harting)
  • Refrigeration gauge for high and low-pressure sides
  • Cold fluid outlet temperature < +8 oC
  • Flow monitor with analog or digital signal
  • Waterfilter
  • Gate valves in flow and return
  • Check valves and solenoid valves for the water circuit (consumers higher than coolers)
  • Reinforced pump
  • External on/off switch
  • Tank filling, pressureless, from outside
  • Automatic water replenishment
  • Tank heating for temperature control
  • Pump switch-off
  • Water circuit made from stainless steel or PVC for deionised water
  • Conductance monitoring
  • Multi-circuit system
  • Heat recovery
  • 24V AC/DC control voltage
  • Special voltages and frequencies (50/60 Hz)
  • Limit temperature monitoring
  • Differential temperature regulation
  • External temperature sensor
  • Cabinet heating
  • Cabinet fan
  • Bus connection, e. g. Pro bus DP
  • Individual fault indicators (in the plain text display or as bit technology)
  • RAL special colours upon request
  • Temperature stability ± 0.2 K
  • Mobile version