The new Cooler Generation .5 – high efficiency with minimum space

Compact cooling units of the LT and RKV series

Ready-to-connect, function- and performance-tested units in air-cooled design for frost-free indoor installation and built-in water pump, piped and connected ready for operation. All components required for the fully automatic cooling process are contained in the industrial coolers. The industrial coolers are manufactured according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001 (German Institute for Standardization) and the corresponding CE - guidelines

Depending on customer requirements, designed for applications in laser technology, filtration, welding & cutting, turning and milling, Plastics, chemicals and food industry and others.

New Design in Standard RAL 7012 basalt grey for all series.o Individual and application-specific configuration optimized for different customer requirements.

o Easy integration into the production layout due to small dimensions and colour selection
o Wide variety of options
o Durable components from renowned manufacturers
o Maintenance-friendly with collector, refrigerant and sight glass
o High-precision control
o Automatic power adjustment
o Flexible regulation by ACC control possible on request
o Ready for use for various supply voltages and 50 / 60 Hz mains frequencies
o Compliance with UL/CSA and other standards

The very compact systems of the RKV* and LT* series have the smallest footprint currently available on the German market.

RKV series - Industrial recooling units
for the medium power range

from 9,3 kW up to 164 kW** - for oil, emulsion and water

LT series - Industrial recooling units
for the small power range

from 0,4 kW bis 7,5 kW** - for oil, emulsion and water

57 % space-saving: 600 mm x 600 mm - RKV series 1.5 - 5.536 % space-saving: 600 mm x 600 mm - LT series 4.5 - 6.5
64 % space-saving: 750 mm x 750 mm - RKV series 6.5 - 10.5 
Broschure RKVBroschure LT

*LT 4 - 6 | RKV 1 - 5 | RKV 6 - 10
**Data refer to a water flow temperature of 20 °C




From individual device to large-scale series

We realise your wishes at DELTATHERM. Whether an individual device or a large-scale series.

Series FLK (Liquid Air Cooler)

DELTATHERM launches the new FLK series. The application area includes liquid-cooled drives such as motor spindles, torque motors, servomotors, linear motors as well as inverter cooling, tool cooling, gearbox and warehouse cooling.