Cooler rental

We rent you: cooling systems, chillers, temperature control units, heating systems

Available in the power ranges: 1 kW to 500 kW - depending on disposability.

Do you have an acute emergency: machine downtime or failure?
Do you need temporary remedy or replacement: conversion, maintenance, bridging longer delivery times or for test purpuses?
Do you have seasonal cooling requirements?

Therefore we offer rental cooling solutions: fast and cost-effective - without high initial costs.

By renting a cooler you can react fast and just in time.

Depending on your requirements you also have the option of swapping the device during the rental period.

Upon request, we carry out maintenance and leak tests during longer rental periods.

Financial flexibility: Rent first. Then buy. Depending on your budget and needs.

You Always have the option of hire-purchase or lease. The rental period is unlimited.

For a rental offer simply use our contact form.

Please tell us the start and end of the rental period. We also need the required cooling capacity and inlet temperature.

Cooling Systems

Experts in any enterprise know that secure operating of high-class equipment depends on the secure and failure-free cooling.

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Heating Systems

The innovative and efficient tempering systems with the medium temperature up to 400°C .

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Heating and Cooling Equipment

The extensive heating and cooling program of DELTATHERM® and ample experience of our engineers assure the optimal solution for your heating and cooling task.

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